FLOATGOAT Drop “Analog Feel”

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Denver, Colorado


For Immediate Release

Colorado based electronic-funk trio Floatgoat has trotted in a new direction with their single release titled, “Analog Feel”. The group takes us on a break-beat expedition through hip hop & funk fusion. “Analog Feel” brings you groovy guitar licks, and party inducing rap flows, to slap happy bass, and boom-bap beats. All of which highlight a chorus that could potentially stick in your head like super glue made from goat hooves.

Join the heard as Floatgoat incorporates hip hop into their voltage fusion style. Not only does Floatgoat fuse genres, but they also fuse the analog and digital world with production hardware and software. This tune was inspired by sexual puns, and the parallels between getting laid & analog, versus digital & hitting up Rosey Palm. Floatgoat is hitting the road to major music cities in Colorado to promote their single on what they are calling their Analog Fall Tour.



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