The funkadellic duo has claimed their spot in Colorado music history! The Denver based blog Unsigned Unheard 5280 is a growing power house in the assistance of Denver musicians. UU5280 propels Denver based musicians to broaden their audience and gain new fans. Check out the awesomely kind words they’ve written about your FLOATGOAT boys in the following article…

Unsigned Unheard 5280 article on FLOATGOAT

FLOATGOAT Release “Skwerrd”

The elite Colorado funk duo FLOATGOAT is back at it again! They’ve just dropped their single titled, “Skwerrd”. Dive into the funktronica madness and hear the musical details about the adventures of FLOATGOAT since their last EP.

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How many squids does it take to make up a word? When all is good, “Skwerrd” is not only the answer, but a way of life. This next level of funkadellic goodness was achieved by FLOATGOAT after an en extraordinary vision. Enjoy some juicy squid guitar chords alongside your Squidward bass platter, and don’t forget the calamari synth crêpes in this track are extra crunchy.

FLOATGOAT @ Shamanic Boom

The oober funkadelic duo is back on the road again this summer!!! This time their funky ventures will take them as far North as Cheyenne, Wyoming to funk out the beautiful music festival known as Shamanic Boom!!! The FloatGoat fellas are extremely excited to be part of this awesome lineup with so many talented musicians and producers such as Bogtrotter, Cualli, Spaceship Earth, Krushendo, Droplitz, and many more!!



If you are reading this, then Congratulations, it means that events in your life have divinely synchronized you and your light body with the frequencies of this next Galactic Portal activation. Activation is the Shamanic Boom Family’s next big project, and our intention is to seal in the healing vortex and portal at the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming that began opening up to our Shamanic Boom family a couple of years ago.

We are beyond honored to invite you to come play a role in this 3-day transformational journey of self. This journey will be catered around the intention of healing one’s past, activating one’s highest potential in the present, and transforming and aligning one’s future. 

Activate w/TICKETS


Your favorite Colorado based funkaholics are making their first live performance at the Denver, Colorado Underground Music Showcase!! This year is one of the biggest lineups yet with over 300 amazingly talented bands and artists including; Benjamin Booker, Red Fang, Esmé Patterson, Zola Jesus, Yasi, and many more! FloatGoat has been funkin’ out day and night to come up with a bunch of new music to play at the festival. This is gonna be one epic party you don’t wanna miss!! #LetsGoatDown



FloatGoat Released Masksks 12/21/16

Let the smooth melodic layers of “Masksks” transport you to a realm filled with geometric Goat shaped patterns. Along your dimensional journey enjoy some guitar shredding, goat cheese, funky slap bass, afro-cuban rhythms, and find out if “Masksks” floats your goat.

FloatGoat’s single, “Masksks”off their first EP, Whatever Floats Your Goat.