“These guys know how to funk! They simply demand proper attention with their cut-loose, charismatic, charm radiating from the stage.” -Shared Views

“Known for their upbeat electronic sound with jazz flowing through it and a funky bass Floatgoat is a group worth checking out..” -303 Magazine.

“Floatgoat may just be the best Colorado band you’ve never heard, and if you haven’t heard them, you should..” -The Ark Magazine

“The combination of synthesizers with groovy bass lines and sick guitar riffs will drift the listener off to a funky utopia they never knew existed.” -Unsigned Unheard 5280.


Originating in the Mile High City FLOATGOAT has shown their horns as a commanding trio in the Colorado music scene. The group creates a truly unique experience in an electronic soundscape, forging a sound that is timeless through the dazzling chord progressions of jazz-fusion and upbeat tempo of electronic dance music, blazing the trail for an entirely new sound called voltage fusion. Whether you’re a classic rocker who loves to see musicians shred, or an audiophile who’s intrigued by mind boggling sound design, FLOATGOAT music will make an audience of all musical tastes groove their way to the dance floor.

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