“The combination of synthesizers with groovy bass lines and sick guitar riffs will drift the listener off to a funky utopia they never knew existed.” -Unsigned Unheard 5280.

“Their sweet electronic beats, slap bass and guitar shredding will tantalize your ears.”      -Beyond The Infinite Multimedia.

“When you hear the word funky, you should really be hearing the word FLOATGOAT. This duo brings an unsurmountable type of talent to the stage.” -Lithium Entertainment.

FLOATGOAT is a funk’d up electronic music duo grazing in from Denver, CO. Members Gavi Torres-Olivares (guitar), and Arias James Goldanloo (bass), play their instruments live, make goat cheese, and design sounds using various synthesizers. The young duo put out their first EP on Jan 11, 2017 titled, Whatever Floats Your Goat. FLOATGOAT sounds like a galactic blend of funk legends mixed with goatmilk and honey, with some freshly shredded guitar chords, funky bass biscuits, and crunchy synth waffles.

floating head concept