FLOATGOAT @ Shamanic Boom

The oober funkadelic duo is back on the road again this summer!!! This time their funky ventures will take them as far North as Cheyenne, Wyoming to funk out the beautiful music festival known as Shamanic Boom!!! The FloatGoat fellas are extremely excited to be part of this awesome lineup with so many talented musicians and producers such as Bogtrotter, Cualli, Spaceship Earth, Krushendo, Droplitz, and many more!!



If you are reading this, then Congratulations, it means that events in your life have divinely synchronized you and your light body with the frequencies of this next Galactic Portal activation. Activation is the Shamanic Boom Family’s next big project, and our intention is to seal in the healing vortex and portal at the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming that began opening up to our Shamanic Boom family a couple of years ago.

We are beyond honored to invite you to come play a role in this 3-day transformational journey of self. This journey will be catered around the intention of healing one’s past, activating one’s highest potential in the present, and transforming and aligning one’s future. 

Activate w/TICKETS

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